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Critical Certainties

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Critical Certainties

Critical certainties in an uncertain world

One of the key objectives of our Informed Insurance thought leadership has been to focus on critical uncertainties – those potentially disruptive challenges that loom on the far horizon of everyday business but have the potential to fundamentally reshape the world of insurance.

When we published our scenario planning tools just four years ago, our map of critical uncertainties aimed to encourage the industry to focus on these growing future challenges. Today, many of these distant uncertainties are in fact part of our day-to-day life. Artificial intelligence, the rise of political violence, the pressures of social inflation and the need to prioritise the mental health of staff, especially those dealing with traumatic claims, are now critical certainties. The impact extends to all boardroom agendas as a myriad of resulting new regulations increases the level of responsibility placed on business leaders.

The rapid pace of change and the dramatic impact of these critical certainties will themselves create new uncertainties. Our aim through Informed Insurance is to give you the insight to face such challenges and opportunities with confidence.

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