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Young v Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc

Court of Session - May 19th, 2020

Ever since the Insurance Act came into force in 2016, the market has been waiting for court guidance on how it will be applied in practice. This podcast considers the first decision on the legislation, its recent appeal and what it means for the industry.

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Barclays Bank Plc v Various Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc v Various

Supreme Court - April 01st, 2020

The Supreme Court handed down judgments in both Barclays Bank v Various and Wm Morrison v Various on 1 April 2020. This podcast reviews both these decisions in the context of earlier caselaw and considers the future of vicarious liability claims.

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Euro Pools Plc (in administration) v Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc

Court of Appeal - May 13th, 2019

This is the first Court of Appeal decision since 2008 to provide detailed consideration of the construction and effect of notifications in relation to professional indemnity policies. This podcast summarises the key legal principles and provides valuable insight into their proper application.

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AA v Persons Unknown and others

Commercial Court - January 17th, 2020

When cyber attacks occur and individuals try to recover their funds, what is the status of the cryptocurrencies? This article reviews the caselaw, why it is important and the recent legal statement on cryptoassets and smart contracts published by the UK Jurisdictional Task Force in November 2019 Read more >

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Travelers Insurance Company Ltd v XYZ

Supreme Court - October 30th, 2019

Liability insurers will be exposed to the risk of non-party (or ‘third party’) costs orders if they are found to have funded litigation, not in the interests of their insured, but in their own interests. The Supreme Court has attempted to provide clarity to liability insurers as to when the court will exercise its discretion to make a non-party costs order. In this article, we review the Supreme Court’s decision, identify the relevant tests that should be applied for insured and uninsured cases and consider the impact of the decision on the risk of liability insurers paying for litigation costs beyond cover. Read more >

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Lomax v Lomax

Court of Appeal - August 06th, 2019

The government and the courts strongly encourage the use of alternative dispute resolution but have so far stopped short of making it compulsory. The courts have now taken a step further with the Court of Appeal deciding that the courts have the power to order parties to engage in Early Neutral Evaluation. In this article, we explain what is involved in the process of Early Neutral Evaluation, the basis for the decision in Lomax and its likely impact on litigation in the future. Read more >

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